Hold my finger, show me the way

There is a feeling, a sense of awe, a burst of joy, a volcano of love that I have never experienced before. A pure madness for him, a sense of incompleteness when he is not around, a sense of life when he is happy. There is a feeling

He is big enough to talk and express himself. He is big enough to decide what he likes and what he does not. He is big enough to command me his wishes and big enough to say "I love you dadda". His every word is like lyrics of a song, his every action is a scene of a movie that I cant forget.

Good night stories are my favourite. We read books together where he animates the animals in the story. His expressive eyes, his cute smile and his tiny hands bring the story and me to life. When he narrates his own story, even though its the same one always, it feels new to me.

We are learning so much from each other. We are each others teacher. I teach him the daily chores of survival and he teaches me simplicity, innocence, being inquisite, freedom of expression,...
One can decide who is learning more from whom.

He will grow older, understand the world and people living in it and build his own perceptions. No matter how his perceptions will be, no matter how he makes the world a better place, I have a perception of what he means to me and how he has made my life a little better everyday.

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