CNN Heros

Today, I just had a chance to have a look at the program "CNN Heros". This is the award ceremony organised by CNN which honours ordinary people doing extrodinary things. People who go out of their daily routine to help others, and by doing this, making the world a better place to stay. I was quite moved by the award ceremony which gave a platform for such people to get noticed and gain creidibility, even though they are not doing such work for any sort of recognition.

As all award ceremonies are, this one was also filled with celebrities. Some who are doing something for the community and some I am not sure of. Inspite of their presence, these ordinary people from all over the globe who had gathered with their families outshined the others. This makes me wonder sometimes, all the fame and money can earn you the charm and luxuries of life but may not necessarily make you a good man and earn you respect in the eyes of others.

In the ceremony, there were three kinds of people. The first kind were the ordinary people doing ordinary jobs, but contributing to the society in such a great extent that its worth getting noticed. I salute them for their efforts and they really are great, setting an example to every common man on earth. The second kind were the famous lot with a kind heart. They have the soft corner to understand that instead of spending all the money I have on luxurious things, let me spend some money on people/society who are in need. This may turn out to be a pubilicity stunt, who knows, but atleast, someone in need is getting benefitted. I have enormous respect for such people. The third kind were the CNN crew who understands the importance of highlighting such people and the work they do. In a way, they let the common man know, that everyone can be a hero in their own sense, in their own deeds and in their own eyes.

To conclude, I feel, anyone who can do anything good to any extent is a Hero. So dont stop yourself from doing good things. May someone appreciate you or not, but you will feel good about yourself. Thats the most important reward you can give to yourself.


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