Be what you are, anyways, there is no escape

Being alone is a feeling that can be enriching for some and scary for someone else based on the state of mind one is in. When one has so much to do which he or she does not like, having some alone time is the best thing that can happen. When one is left alone, suddenly tables turn and a longing for company is all one desires. What an Irony !!

Is it always like this in life. Why does it always seem so that grass is greener on the other side. How can one make peace with what he or she has in the present moment. How can someone be happy and become indifferent to the circumstances that one is in.

Some people say, if you don't give a damn about others, others opinion, others point of view, just be and do what you like then you will be happy.
Some people say, dedicate your life to others, others happiness, become the helping hand and support that others need, then you will be happy.
Some people say, Meditate, raise above the petty feelings, like hatred, competition, betrayal, etc.., just see everyone in the light of love, then you will be happy.
And so on.

I say, you are where you have to be. You think, what you are suppose to think. You decide, what you have already decided. You come into situations because you were supposed to be in that situation with that state of mind to perceive that situation and you act in that situation based on that perception.
One might argue, in such a case, everyone is correct in their sense and no one is wrong. A mosquito biting is correct for the mosquito, and killing the biting mosquito is correct for the one getting bitten. Thats life. Thats the nature of it. No one is equal but there seem to be a balance. We are just part of this balance and deeds we do is just trying to maintain that balance in the universe.