River bank

A sun kissed evening sky, making the banks of a calm river serene and tranquil. The sound of birds chirping fills the rather silent atomsphere with sweet talk. Jazz music being played in a far by restaurant gives the added pleasure of being here, right now. Alone, yet not longing for company, silent but content, like the fallen tree that lies in the middle of the river. It does not move, decomposes itself to provide life support to other smaller occupants.

On the bank, there are all sorts of emotions, laying and sitting staring at inevitable fading of the day. Some love being shared and expressed, some anger trying to vanish with the orange sun, some loss being forgotten with a beer, some happiness happy of it's being and some weirdness trying to figure out itself.

Evenings like this come and go often, but we experience it seldom. There could be many reasons but every reason have you in common. Reason reflect our choices, our priorities from where, all these emotions come from. Whatever it is, controlling your actions and accepting the outcome let's you be the tree standing against the flow of the river yet in peace.

It's not about what you do or think on such a evening, but what the evening makes you think or do.