aasuon ki khwaaish nahi thi hame
aasuon ke khwaaish mein hum the
unki haasi ki khwaaish thi hame
magar unke gham ki vajah hum the

baadalon se na poocho barasna kya hota hai
jab barse, toh khud bikar gaye
bina nazre milaaye woh chal diye
toh yahan hum bikar gaye



Eyes are curious to see a sign of trust compassion and respect
Leaving a world where nothing to expect
God daemon love death, seen it all
Travel land sea ruins desert, listening to an inner call
Hoping for life that makes the journey worthwhile
Hoping for a time to get back the lost smile



Days go days come, time spent time undone
Growing old growing wise, being selfish and a little nice
Organized life chaotic head, just thoughts no words until bed
Love is there need a little spark, maybe a boat like Noah's ark
Let's not just stare at the door, expect less and do more