Big in your head, small in your mind
it should be the other way round but
without opening your eyes, you act blind
The daily life, the daily struggle
the needs of your body
some you handle some you fumble
Time passes, act is done, you performed
but did you learn ?
Find your purpose, break the chain
you belong to no one, you belong to no where
you are the one, you are everywhere !!



Freedom in your hands
but bound by your thoughts
You wanna do things
but say, life is too short
Take your time and do it right
but the longer you take, right wont be right
Cry and beg, time wont come back
time lost in thinking, you will trace back
and say, I would rather do it wrong
than to take too long !!



We have crawled out from the depths of despair
we are shattered but not beyond repair
come on, its not anyone's fault
you be the water, I'll be the salt
we are the ocean, vast and wild
lets still be humble, happy and kind

We have fought some wars in our own way
some we have won and some made us pay
glory had its days, ruins had the nights
empire we built has to perish someday
lets settle down for a democratic way

We have a long way to go and a short sight to see
we are bound together, and yet still free
you be the leg, I'll be the feet
let this journey be, beyond defeat



The word most commonly used in a negative context of describing a person or an act. Its not a word that describes a person but its a word that describes a person from the perspective of the speaker. A person can only be described correctly with one sentence. 


Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is just perspective. Just judgement passed by someone else based on their capabilities, based on their knowledge, based on their wiseness and even based on their selfishness. 
Actually, I don't see the difference between selfishness and selflessness. Both have opposite meaning in dictionary. An act which is done for self is termed selfishness and an act done for others is termed as selflessness. The act is still done by the same person. He does this act, because he wishes to do it. Fulfilling a wish of your own is also an act of being selfish. The practical or visual result might vary based on what the act is, but still the wish to do it, makes anyone selfish.
Does this mean, its good to be selfish ? Any act that gives you happiness is a good act. Be it selfish or selfless. If the result of the act makes others happy along with yourself, then even better. 
Does it mean, being greedy is also okay ? Its important to understand what happiness is. When happiness is measured or viewed materialistically, its greed. When happiness is viewed in a sensual or spiritual way, then greed would not govern the act.


YOU !! Think again

A life in your head, an identity in your mind
a persona in your conscious, makes the present blind
seeking for the momentary joy, what lies in front is not enjoyed
peeking through a transitory space, you start a spiral chase

Do you try to be someone that you are not
or do you sort to be someone that you want
do you mirror the shadows of others
or do you try to spread more of your feathers
do you seek for others acceptance
or do you question others of their presence

You are a complex mixture of your past
you are an anomaly of the present and 
you are the unquestioned answer of the future


Inner voices

Walk on the soft sand
Pressing your feet against the wetness, you press some of your inner thoughts out of your mind. The vast ocean claims you in it's vastness and you find yourself no bigger than the grain of sand that it spits off the shore. The thoughts that arise are much deeper like the ocean and as striking as the morning sun. These thoughts exist but seldom felt, they feed on your subconscious like a termite on timber. When the sun goes down and in the view of darkness, the crabs creep out of their sand hole, just like that, these thoughts make way to your conscious.
These thoughts question sometimes your current being and makes you think. But it's not something specific and it's not something you can give more thought on and find an answer.
It's like the murky waters at the shore. Nothing is clear but everything seems to be there. You can collect the murky water and let it calm down and let the sand sink in. It takes time, like a kid takes all the time to build his indestructible sand castle, it takes work. With these two ingredients, you can put these thoughts to rest and discover something new about yourself and your current being might just move like a snail to your higher self.

The endless plains

Bed of gold with emerald blue cover
lies a life that takes you back in time
where innocent cruelty of nature defines the rules
food chain in perfect balance
days are quieter than the night
lives matter until it must
and where no one is a sinner

Man a mere spectator
of this spectacular game for survival
not altering it to suit his wish
life around seems to ignore this self crowned King
but still at his mercy
to thrive and flourish