Re-finding the strangers

Watching the movie "Before Sunset", on a winter evening cosily tucked inside the blanket, defeating the natures cruelty was me and the girl next to me. Both of us lost in the magic of the movie spelled upon us. The eagerness of the two characters to know each other and to open up like they have been bound in a nutshell for years made us think of us. 

The cafe in Paris reminded us of cafe coffee day in Bangalore where the noise around never made it to our ears. Eyes never faded from each other's face and every sip of coffee was dragged like Ekta kapoor's family melodramas. The strolls in the park of Paris reminded us of the late night bike rides around the empty roads of the sleepless city. 

During all these actions, there were conversations which made the actions memorable. Reading  one chapter of each others past after another, visualizing every moment told, reacting the way as though it was happening to you made us cherish each others company. 

The movie took us back to the times when we were strangers yet companions, arguers yet believers, perverts yet emotional. In the years of togetherness, we had found each other but lost those strangers and the movie made us realize that. After the end of the movie, the spark in each others eyes revealed that he/she is the missing stranger and I have found him/her again. 

Although, things cannot be the same as it was before, we'll it should not be the same as it was before, but cherishing such memories makes me feel special and seeing the girl next to me as my wife makes the life worth a shot.