Alles Gute

This is the day when you came into to this world, its the day when I saw your face for the first time. You were wrapped into a bundle with warm cotton folds and seemed to me like the morning dew wrapped in layers of flower petals. Your eyes closed, with lavish eyelashes, the red nose with which you were breathing for the first time, your skin still covered with layers of your mom's protection that kept you safe for the first few months, made you look like a work of art which sprouts countless emotions that I did not even know existed.

Every year on this day, no matter how many years passes by, I will still remember the baby whose hands held my finger, never to let it go, whose head rested so perfectly in my palms, whose chest rested on my shoulders to burp after a feed, who found chest of his father more comfortable to the softness of the bed.

Happy Birthday son...for the years past and many more years to come !!