Wrong or right don't matter anymore
I am turning blind eye to world with open arms
tears have dried up and people forgiven
cleaning up my life to make it mess again
so fond of disaster, it doesn't stop following me
goodness is on death bed, without dying
a door that cannot be closed, a story that cannot be told
I will open more doors and let the wounds be sore


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  2. Dwelling on the past gives an idea on what can someone do in the future. If someone keeps repeating the same mistakes, then either he is ignorant of the mistakes or likes to commit the same mistakes again.
    A storm has to die someday, although it takes lives along its way.

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  4. making the mess, cleaning again, again making mess, again cleaning... rising and falling ... again the willingness to rise... gathering the strength... again falling with feelings of disappointment ... a child learning to walk in it's life.. Is it aware that it's watched by it's parents intently.. with the eyes of love..a hand for support when in need.. :-) and at the end of it it runs so wildly that parents become tired running behind it ..ha ha.. :-)